Soothe aches and ease tension with a massage. Through a combination broad, thick strokes and just the right pressure, I will break up areas of congestion and tightness. By relieving muscle tension, massage can be both relaxing and energizing.

myofascial Release

Release tension and trauma stored in your body's tissues with this therapy. Myofascial Release can help you find relief from massive physical traumas such as falls, car accidents, and surgeries, to the innocuous tensions of poor posture and overextended, device-driven lives, to the emotional traumas that manifest themselves in anxiety and depression. I tell my clients that this therapy is the answer for when they are ready to deal with the past to better embody the present and be more open to the future.

Energy Work

Energy work is a great complementary therapy to any treatment plan because it helps to support one's psyche (mental/emotional well-being) while speeding up the healing process. Modern medicine acknowledges that Reiki alleviates stress, but this therapeutic modality is capable of so much more. As a Reiki master in the traditional Usui lineage and the modern Kundalini Reiki system, here's what I offer:

In Person

  • Energy body diagnostics
  • Chakra balancing
  • Dissolving traumas in the body
  • Usui Reiki attunements


  • Cleansing, healing, and blessing of anything including people, homes, businesses, etc
  • Healing and blessing an event at any point in the past, present, and future
  • Whole being karmic healing (past life, birth trauma, location, & DNA)
  • Healing karmic ties with situations and people
  • Healing conditions in the body, mind, and spirit
  • Kundalini Reiki and Gold Reiki attunements