Although just showing up and enjoying yourself is all you need to make the most of your session, there are some finer details for those wishing to push the envelope.


  • If you are running late, just shoot me a text to let me know and I'll take care of the rest. Life happens. It tends to happen every day and it is too short to get worked up over a massage.
  • If you are running early, chances are, I may not be ready for you. Feel free to say hi to Erica, YogaLife's manager, or relax and read in the waiting area, or grab a mat in an open room and enjoy a few postures and breaths. You're the only one who thinks it might be weird.
  • Hydration. Make friends with it. It's an esthetician's number one beauty secret and the key to quality of life. Do make sure it is of good quality though.


  • Being as comfortable as possible is a must. It's hard to enjoy yourself when you aren't so feel free to ask me to adjust my pressure, the temperature, the music or whatever is keeping you from dissolving into bliss. I'll do my best to accommodate.
  • Feel free to (respectfully) express yourself. Some people relax better when they're telling me about their lives while others enjoy the white noise, music and rhythmic breathing. Just remember that we are part of a healing center and there are people respecting your session.
  • You are in the hands of a Reiki Master, twice over. Your imagination is the limit to what I can direct healing blessings to while in session, particularly during myofascial release holds. Want to ease tension with a loved one or a coworker or a pet? I can help with that. Want to heal your DNA, birth trauma or karmic ties to past lives? I can help with that. Please ask.


  • Hydration. Depending on what you needed in your session, we just moved stuff around and most likely released tension and toxins into your blood, lymph and other bodily systems. Only water is going to help you with that and help you feel better for longer.
  • Take your time. I will never ask you to rush. Give yourself time to integrate this slightly better version of yourself.
  • Take it easy and enjoy feeling like yourself for a long as you can. That errand or that workout can wait just a little longer.
  • Make another appointment. Commit to yourself and your well-being. There is no insurance like taking care of yourself now.